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Get your Garden Prepared for Winter


Plants can find the winter months hard, especially in colder areas. Their growth is active through spring & summer however during the winter months this growth slows right down.  However these months don’t have to be all about doom & gloom, there are plenty of things you can do to help your garden cope during the colder periods.

  • Move potted tropical plants & plants that prefer the warmth into a more protected area such as a veranda. If plants that are sensitive to the cold are growing in the garden or they are too heavy to move, spray them with a product that helps to protect them from the frost such as Yates Stressguard.
  • Potted plants require much less water through the winter months so water them accordingly, this is better for the plant & also reduces your water usage.
  • If there are drainage problems with the soil it will generally become evident in winter. Push vertical holes into heavy soil with a garden fork. Create surface drains to carry away excess moisture. Remove some of the top dressing or mulch if it is applied in thick layers because this tends to retain moisture.
  • Build frames around plants that are likely to be damaged by the frost and throw a cover over them in the evening (don’t forget to remove them the next morning!).

Remember there are plenty of varieties of plants that produce beautiful colour and/or flowers during the winter months such as Camellia Japonica, Helleborus & Daphne just to name a few.



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