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Over the years whilst maintaining our indoor plant displays I have always been amazed & inspired by the amount of people that are passionate about plants. Wheather they have questions about the indoor plants at their office or the plants they have at home I have always been more than happy to offer tips, gardening advice & in some cases I have even learnt something new myself!

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Indoor Plant Tips & Facts

  1. Although indoor plants certainly need a little TLC most people tend to kill their plants with love rather than neglect. Most indoor plants are actually over-watered, so if in doubt leave it to one of our expert technicians.
  2. Planter boxes & partition troughs are a great way for partitioning an open plant office. They also reduce noise & make a beautiful natural screen.
  3. Indoor plants, over time acclimatise to the indoor environment they are in. Moving your indoor plants from one spot to another can actually be harmful to the plant, especially if there is a difference in the lighting & humidity.
  4. Pruning the plants will keep them compact & prevent them from looking spindly.
  5. Indoor plants are more than good looking, studies show indoor plants also help the indoor environment.

Have you got a question about plants? Send it now...

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