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Sydney Plant Hire Services

Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire have over 30 years of experience in the nursery & indoor plant rental industry.

Design & Consultation - Plant Rental Sydney

Our plantscape designer will meet with you to access your indoor plant rental requirements.

During this visit we will discuss any ideas & suggestions you may have with regards to the design & layout as well as get an image of what your individual office plant rental requirements are. We will assess your specific environment, including lighting, measurements & existing design.

Our consultant is able to offer advice on:

  • Types of office plants that are suitable for your specific work environment
  • Suggested positions of the plants
  • Plant container types available
  • What varieties of office plants efficiently clean indoor air

We are able to provide a fully detailed proposal for your office plant rental & plant hire requirements in all areas of Sydney including Sydney CBD, North Sydney & Parramatta.

Installation & Ongoing Plant Care - Plant Hire Sydney

Your new office plants & planters will be installed & maintained by our fully trained maintenance technicians. Our regular office plant rental service includes:

  • Watering & Fertilising
  • Dusting, Cleaning & Pruning
  • Disease Identification & Treatment (Non Toxic)
  • Plant Replacements
  • Top Dressing Top Ups
  • Plant Rotation

All of our indoor plant rental maintenance staff receive ongoing training & are highly experienced in indoor plants & indoor plant maintenance. Our average employment term for service staff is 8.5 years, with many technicians specialising in plant hire specifically in Sydney. We provide uniforms & security passes to all maintenance staff.

We are a fully insured company, including personal injury & property damage.

Plant Replacements

Whilst we strive to keep plants in peak condition, plants are living things & their quality will naturally diminish over time. We will replace these plants with younger plants as required. Plant replacements are included in all of our Sydney Plant Hire services.

Quality Visits 

As part of our Sydney Plant Hire service our quality control manager will visit and/or phone you at least three times per year. This ensures that each of our sites always meets our standards & more importantly yours. It also gives us the opportunity to reassess your needs.

OHS & Insurance

All staff are fully trained in OHS policies, practises & procedures. Our office plant rental maintenance technicians all hold green card certification & are familiar with induction procedures. We are fully insured including personal injury & property damage.

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Benefits - Plant Hire Sydney

Indoor plants & plant rental in Sydney have been shown to include many other benefits apart from their obvious aesthetic ones. These benefits include:

Improved air quality- Indoor plants & office plant rental not only enhance and beautify the office environment they also help control indoor air pollution by reducing VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air we breathe.  With the amount of time we all spend in our workplace indoor air quality should be a major health consideration to us all.

Noise reduction - Plants are a great alternative to demountable partitions in an open plan workplace.  They are aesthetically more attractive, healthier, more cost effective and have shown to reduce noise pollution.

Reduced stress levels - Many studies have shown that having plants in the work place can reduce stress levels of employees.  They provide visual relief and relaxation for people who spend long periods of time at a desk.

As you can see plant rental in Sydney has many advantages. Whether it be one desktop plant per desk or a lush atrium, the benefit of plant hire in Sydney is of high significance to employee well being, reduced stress levels & increased productivity.

It's Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire for all your indoor plant rental needs  


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