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Indoor Plant Hire - The Products, Indoor Plants

Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire offer a large variety of indoor plants & plant containers for hire. Our indoor plant hire packages are tailored to suit any budget, and starting from $5.00 per week are actually as cheap as a cup of coffee. (Price includes delivery, set up, indoor plant & decorative container rental, maintenance visits & replacements).

Indoor Plants from Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire

Providing indoor plant hire to a huge portion of the Sydney CBD & Sydney Metro areas Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire are an experienced and innovative company. Providing quality service & indoor plants for hire for over 30 years, our business truly is growing!Whatever your office conditions, high light, low light, hot or cold Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire carry quality indoor plants for hire that are ideal for any work environment.

Indoor Plant Rental - How to choose the perfect office plant...

When selecting what indoor plants to hire for your office or showroom a number of factors must be considered first:

  1. Light - Does your office/showroom have a lot of natural light or is it mainly artificial light? Although natural light is best there are quite a few indoor plants for hire that thrive in normal low light office conditions.

  2. Purpose - Do your indoor plants have a specific purpose? (eg to act as a divider between sections)

  3. Space - How much space will be allocated for each of the indoor plants on hire? Get an idea of both the floor or counter space available as well as the vertical space available.

  4. Air Quality - What indoor plant has the best toxin removal rating? It is important to ensure you hire plants in Sydney that sufficiently remove toxins from the indoor air.

  5. What Looks Good - What type of plant best suits the architectural design of the building

Office Plant Hire & Interior Design

Indoor Plants: How to get the most out of them

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire - Free Advice

If you want indoor plant hire in Sydney but don't know what you are after, we can help. Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire are happy to offer free advice throughout Sydney Metro & Sydney CBD to help tailor a specific plan for your work environment.We will provide a fully costed detailed proposal for all your indoor plant rental requirements, including suggested plant species & planters. If it is indoor plant rental in Sydney you need call Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for the forgetful gardener

Low Light Office Plants  

The Products, Planters

We stock a large range of planters, many of which are exclusive to Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire. From the classic look of polyethylene, to elegant ceramic to lightweight fiberglass planters, we can suit any budget and style of office decor.Many of the planters are available in a range of colours.

The Products, Top Dressing

As well as the standard types of top dressing available (pebbles, bark & coconut fibre) Gaddy's are now pleased to offer the new, environmentally friendly recycled rubber mulch, available in a variety of colours, including white.

Top Dressing

   Top Dressing

dressing up your indoor plants: read more

Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire - find out how indoor plant hire can help improve the look of your office


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