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Repotting Plants


Repotting Plants

An important part of healthy houseplants is knowing when & how to repot them. As a guide repotting should be done about once every 2 years. Spring is generally a good time to look at repotting plants.

It is important to repot your houseplants even if they have not outgrown the pot they are in. This is because over time the potting mix gets tired, it shrinks away in the pot, losses it's ability to effectively hold water & also runs out of nutrients.

A few good signs that a houseplant needs to be repotted include:

  • Roots are protruding from the bottom of the pot
  • Potting mix is shrinking away from the edge of the pot
  • The plant stops growing
  • The plant is root bound

How to tell if a plant is root bound

Root bound plants have roots that have outgrown their container. They are circling the inside of the pot & start to stick out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. This is a sure sign that the plant has outgrown it's pot and needs to be repotted. Before repotting a root bound plant you will need to loosen some of the roots using your hand (remove any dead or damaged roots with secateurs). If necessary split the roots 2/3 of the way down the pot with a knife to encourage the roots to grow down.

How to Repot a Plant

  1. Remove the plant: This can be done by gently tapping the sides of the pot, turning it over and gently pulling the pot up and away from the plant. If necessary lightly water the plant and let sit for a little while as dry soil tends to hang onto the sides of the container.
  2. Loosen the roots: Gently loosen the roots with your hand, removing any dead or damaged roots.
  3. Have a new pot ready: Repot your plant in a pot one size up from it's current pot size. Add fresh potting soil to the container, always use a high quality mix
  4. Replanting: Gently place the plant in the new container, centre the plant ensuring that it is upright, and is not planted too deep (keep the height the same as it was in the original pot). Fill the container in with potting soil firmly pressing it down.
  5. Water: Give the plant a good water and allow to drain




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