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Combining Office Plants & Indoor Plant Hire with Interior Design

We all have our own opinions when it comes to colour, texture & style. We display these opinions in the interior decor of our homes, through the choice of our car & even what clothes we choose to wear. However when it comes to our place of business many would argue that a natural look is more suitable, as your presentation not only has an influence over existing & potential customers but also has a massive effect on your employees.

When designing an office space, as an employer there is much more to consider than just colour & style. Creating a healthy indoor environment is important if you want to get the most out of the design, your employees and most of all your clients. With indoor plants the benefit is that you can create an office that not only looks good but feels great to be in. After all there is nothing worse than a dull office with little to no personality. Office plants & indoor plant hire provide a solution to both of these issues because they not only provide health & emotional benefits they also bring natural colour & style to any room.

The health & emotional benefits of office & indoor plants include noise absorption, clean air & reduced stress levels thus resulting in increased productivity & reduced sick days.

Choosing the right type of office plants comes down to the style that you are going for, however plants that remove indoor air pollutants such as Sansevieria/Mother in Laws Tongue (Contemporary Design), Bamboo Palm (Tropical Design) or Chinese Evergreen/Aglaonema (Asian Design) are all definitely ones to be considered.

The location & type of building also play an important role in your interior decor, either way whether you choose a classic or more contemporary style office, plants are an essential part of the design of any office.

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