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Indoor Plants: How to get the most out of them

Offices & indoor spaces are built for efficiency & comfort. A perfect indoor environment generally includes consistent light, temperature & humidity conditions, keeping the outdoor elements such as wind & rain out.

Live indoor plants have their own requirements when it comes to light, temperature, humidity, water & nutrients. There are quite a few indoor plants available that will adjust well to these well designed & highly efficient indoor environments.


Undeniably one of the most important factors is light, without it most plants will not survive for very long. Some plants such as the "Spathiphyllum Sensation" thrive in low light conditions whilst others such as the "Ficus Weeping Fig" need high levels of light. Typical rain-forest plants are ideal in low light conditions as they generally live under a thick layer of other plants where they get little light, these type of plants make the hardiest of all indoor plants.

Based on the indoor light available our trained consultants are happy to offer free advice on what types of indoor plants are suitable to your specific indoor environment.


There are many plants that survive within the average temperature range of indoor environments (generally 16 to 25 degrees). View our range of indoor plants for hire.


Another essential part of indoor plant hire displays is their water requirements. With too little or too much water, indoor plants will not survive. The amount of water to give each plant varies when it comes to the variety of plant & what type of environment it is in. Our maintenance technicians are experts at maintaining our indoor plant displays and are familiar with what levels of water are required for each plant.


Nutrients keep the plant healthy, maintain colour & encourage growth. Fertiliser is generally applied to the plant so it can be extracted by the plant roots.

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