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Low Light Office Plants

There is nothing better than a thriving green plant to add warmth & brightness to a room. Some people have the knack for keeping plants alive...and some don't! With indoor plants one of the biggest challenges is selecting plants that are suitable for the lighting conditions. Unfortunately most offices & homes are not built with the priority being natural light, therefore we all have some dark corners and some rooms with little natural light.


Aglaonema Species (Chinese Evergreen)

One of the most popular house or office plants to use as they are amongst one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. Tolerates a wide range of lighting conditions they are also relatively resistant to pests. Grows up to 3ft

Sansevieria Species (Snake Plant, Mother in Laws Tongue)

Sansevieria's tolerate low levels of light & irregular watering. They can easily rot if over watered, in winter would require only one watering every couple of months. Ideal for use in indoor plant hire. Leaves grow between 2ft & 3ft high

Spathiphyllum Species (Peace Lily)

Most low light plants are foliage plants, however the Spathiphyllum has the added advantage of a huge beautiful white flower to contrast with it's large dark green leaves. It is also considered an excellent indoor plant to clean indoor toxins from the air. The Spathiphyllum likes damp soil and should not be left out to dry between watering's. Will grow between 2ft & 3ft high.

Epipremnum Species (Devils Ivy, Pothos)

Smaller climbing plant especially suited for hanging baskets & totems. Leaves are green with yellow speckles. Often used in plant displays in shopping centre's, offices, indoor plant hire & other public places as it is a hardy plant that is easy to care for & is also attractively leafy. Tolerates low light conditions, if given suitable support can grow up to 2 meters or more.

Aspidistra Species (Cast Iron Plant)

Large leafy plant, leaves are solid green & grow to about 2ft in length. Grown for their ability to survive neglect & very low light conditions

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