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Planning a New Garden

Your local botanical garden is a great place to start when planning a new garden of your own. Not only will it provide you with inspiration but will also give you a good idea of what plants will do well in your area & will give you some excellent ideas when it comes to plant combinations.

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Moving your Trees

Palms are one of the best types of plants to reposition. Their root system is fairly compact & tough making them relatively easy to get out of the ground. The plant itself generally recovers rather quickly once it has been replanted.

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Top 5 Pot Plants for Full Sun & Shade

Container gardening can be hard work, especially if you don’t choose the right type of plants. Container gardening requires plants that respond well to having their roots contained, this is in fact half the battle to ensuring healthy growth and lots of flowers.

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Low Maintenance Landscaping

One of the biggest & most time consuming aspects of garden maintenance is watering & lawn care, minimising watering requirements & keeping the amount of grass to mow to a minimum is a great place to start on your low maintenance garden.

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Mulching your Garden

Trying to save time in your garden? Look no further! Mulching your garden has many time saving benefits, for one it is a great way to reduce the amount of water needed & it also reduces weed growth! Save time & still improve the way your garden looks.

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Garden Pest & Disease Prevention & Control

In order to have a great garden you need to ensure your plants are kept healthy by preventing and/or treating diseases & pests. No garden is completely resistant to invading pests & disease however there is a lot that can be done to reduce the chances of your garden becoming a victim.

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Water Saving Tips for the Garden

In our current climate home owners are looking for ways to save money on water bills & also to live more sustainably. Most of your water usage is actually used outside in the garden, so it seems this is a great inexpensive place to start doing your bit for the environment.

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Repotting Plants

An important part of healthy houseplants is knowing when & how to repot them. As a guide repotting should be done about once every 2 years. Spring is generally a good time to look at repotting plants.

It is important to repot your houseplants even if they have not outgrown the pot they are in. This is because over time the potting mix gets tired, it shrinks away in the pot, losses it's ability to effectively hold water & also runs out of nutrients.

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Spring Gardening Tips

A well prepared gardener is always ready for the onset of spring, and is often able to boast gardens that are in first class condition.

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