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Water Saving Tips for the Garden


In our current climate home owners are looking for ways to save money on water bills & also to live more sustainably. Most of your water usage is actually used outside in the garden, so it seems this is a great inexpensive place to start doing your bit for the environment.

Top Water Saving Tips

Use Mulch: Using a top dressing on gardens such as mulch actually retains moisture in the soil by reducing water evaporation by up to 70%.

Wetting Agents: Using wetting agents & water storage products such as water crystals will also help to maintain soil moisture. These products are generally very cost effective.

Plan Your Garden: Wherever possible use drought tolerant plants. Natives not only save water but also often attract native birds. I have outlined only a few of the huge range of drought tolerant natives below:

  • Hardenbergia Violacea (Ground Cover)
  • Grevillea Lavandulacea (Small Shrub)
  • Dianella Revoluta (Tufted Plant)
  • Banksia Ornata (Large Shrub)
  • Melaleuca Wilsonii (Large Shrub)
  • Callistemon Viminalis (Tree)

Drip Irrigation: These systems ensure minimum water is used, they are much more efficient at delivering water where it is needed.

Helpful Water Saving Ideas

  • Where possible water your garden in the morning or late afternoon. Avoid watering in windy conditions or if it is likely to rain
  • Always use a broom, rake or outdoor blower to clean the driveway & paths rather than a hose
  • Wash your car on the lawn
  • As plants need to be replaced change them for more drought tolerant plants like the ones listed above.
  • A good alternate water source for your garden is recycled greywater  
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