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Top 5 Winter Plants


Every garden should have plants that thrive in the winter months. There are plenty of plant varieties available that flower in winter & early spring and provide a nice splash of colour during the grey months.

I have put together a list of my top 5 winter flowering plants:

Daphne – Very impressive fragrant flowering plant, under the right conditions also produce sweet smelling daphne flowers in the winter months. Daphne are great when used as a container plant, however soil needs to be kept moist but well drained.  Prefer a cool shaded position.

Hellebores - an all time winter favourite, hellebores are hardy plants that bring beautiful colour to a winter garden. They flower from winter into spring with an incredibly wide range available.

Camellias - possibly one of our best loved winter bloomers, in particular the Camellia Japonica takes the limelight with its beautiful blooms. The Camellia Japonica is a favourite variety with its great range of flower colours & shapes, however they do need some shelter from the hottest part of the day or will get burnt.

Australian Paper Daisiescome in two basic colours, yellow and white. Short lived perennials, given the right care they will last for three years. Continuously flowering, just remove spent flowers. These plants like full sun with well drained soil.

Hardenbergia – hardy free flowering native climbing plant, also comes as a low growing shrub. Showy pea-flowers from August to early November.

Grevillea - a hardy evergreen plant that attracts birds. Flowers appear from late winter through spring.



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