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Top 5 popular pot plant hire choices in Sydney



In Sydney, it is a good idea to obtain expert advice regarding your office plants. Before you hire any plant for your pot, you need to consider the variety of plant and the different needs that each plant has. Some plants grow bigger than others, if you don’t choose the correct type of container over time the plant may become too large for the selected container. The final result in this case will be a plant that is unstable and too top heavy. On the other hand, the right varieties of plants and containers in the right areas will result in healthy, beautiful plants. In Sydney, pot plant hire options are abundant and depending upon your taste and design aspects, you will definitely find something that both suits the design of your office and your individual tastes. On the list, in Sydney, pot plants which are hired quite often are:


  1. Palms like Bamboo and Rhapis are popular because they grow well in shady areas and are therefore perfect for office spaces.   
  2. Tropical plants like Draceana’s are also a popular choice as they also do well indoors but can also bring an outdoor feel to the office. These pot plants are available from most Sydney nurseries.
  3. Desktop pot plants are quite popular in Sydney offices. Options like Madonna Lily, Bromeliad and Aglaonema top the list. Popularity of these pot plants is obvious. They occupy minimal space and are available in various shapes and colors.
  4. Succulents are a stylish pot plant category and lists high in the popularity charts. With these pot plants you can also select flower producing options, however they do tend to require high light
  5. Sansevieria & Zanzibar Gem are also excellent choices as these pot plants do well indoors and are very hardy. If you are looking for something low maintenance that looks good all year round these varieties certainly top the list of preferred hired pot plants in Sydney.

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