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Spring Gardening Tips


Spring is here & as an avid gardener this is my favorite time of year!

A well prepared gardener is always ready for the onset of spring, and is often able to boast gardens that are in first class condition.

I have outlined some tips that are must do’s during spring for any garden to promote optimal growth

Prune Hedges & Standards (Photinia, Lily Pily, Buxus, Murraya, Vibernum, Ficus Geisha Girls, Standards & Topiaries etc) Now that everything is actively growing it is a great time to prune hedges, standards & topiaries. This keeps it compact & shapes the plant for the season.

Fertilise Because everything is actively growing it is also the perfect time to fertilise. This promotes next season’s good growth & flowers.

Disbud & Deadhead Ornamental Flowering Plants (Roses, Dahlia’s) This promotes larger & longer lasting flowers.

  • Disbud – Where you have too many buds disbud to promote optimal size & flowering period. Pinch the bud off
  • Deadhead – Pick off brown flowers at the stem, this promotes continual flowering over a longer period.

Cultivate Your Lawn

Like any other plant the extra sunlight & warmth will start your lawn thriving again after months of dormancy. Plant a new lawn now, or take advantage of growing conditions by fertilising your already established lawn.

Hot tip: You can always get inspired by seeing other beautiful spring gardens in your area, so take time out to visit & get new ideas from other gardeners.


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