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Top 5 Pot Plants for Full Sun & Shade


Container gardening can be hard work, especially if you don’t choose the right type of plants. Container gardening requires plants that respond well to having their roots contained, this is in fact is half the battle to ensuring healthy growth and lots of flowers.

Top 5 Full Sun Container Plants

  • Bougainvilleas: Do well in full sun & are a very hardy plant however they don’t like the frost. Will grow in most climates except colder areas
  • NZ Flax: Wide range of colours available, excellent feature plant.
  • Succulents: Very popular plants, easy to propagate. Try Agave & Echeveria
  • Ixora: Flowers through spring & summer although is not frost tolerant
  • Citrus Trees: Lemon & Cumquats are an excellent choice

Top 5 Container Plants for Shade

  • Clivia: Strap like foliage, Orange flowers are most common
  • Ponytail Palm: Will also take full sun, unusual looking palm
  • Azalea: Vibrantly coloured pink, mauve, orange and golden yellow flowers. Like well drained soil so ensure there is a drainage hole at the bottom of the container, and use a good quality potting mix.
  • Daphne: Beautiful perfumed flowers, grows best in cooler areas.
  • Camellias: Slow, compact and bushy growth varieties are best suited to tubs. Japonica is an excellent option
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