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Dress up Your Office with Plants


Spending at least 8 hours a day in a dreary office can put a damper on anyone’s spirits. Getting to know the benefits of office plants, how we are affected by the greenery and where certain species of plants thrive can make the working atmosphere much more pleasant.

Artificial plants definitely have their benefits, especially when used in very low light areas where a bit of colour is needed. Some can be quite attractive however on the other hand some are quite horrendous. Of course, they don’t clean the indoor air and let’s face it generally aren’t effective at lifting one’s spirits.

When choosing office plants it is important to consider the lighting conditions, choosing medium to low light plants are probably the best idea for an indoor environment. You need to consider your own environment and choose plants that are suitable, ask yourself “how much natural light and/or artificial light is there?.” Some plants are very hardy and are therefore good choices when it comes to office plants (especially if this is your first attempt at keeping one!) Plants like the Sansevieria (Snake Plant, Mother in Laws Tongue) and Zanzibar Gem are both excellent choices, they are hardy, easy to look after, are trendy & very modern looking.

Watering is also an important factor to consider. Office plants tend to drink less than plants that are kept outside in the sun. Of course your specific environment, lighting levels, air conditioner use etc all play a role in how much water your office plant is going to need. With plants like the Sansevieria & Zanzibar Gem they like to be kept quite dry, so forgetting to water them is not too devastating. As a general rule it is a good idea to let your indoor plant dry out a little before watering it again, don’t let it sit constantly in water. If you are unsure stick your finger into the soil, if it feels moist don’t water it, if it is dry give it a good soaking, but be sure to let it drain out.

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