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Moving your Trees


Palms are one of the best types of plants to reposition. Their root system is fairly compact & tough making them relatively easy to get out of the ground. The plant itself generally recovers rather quickly once it has been replanted.

The size of the plant will determine whether you can do the job yourself or if you will need to call someone in with machinery. Anything up to about 3-4 meters can probably be done yourself with a few extra hands.

When repositioning plants it is always very important to prepare first. You need to have a new hole where the plant is being moved to & you should prune the top fronds of the palm back. Prior to moving the plant, give the roots a really good water ensuring they are well saturated prior to digging.

  1. Dig around the tree forming a trench, pull out as large a root ball as possible. Tip the tree onto its side and using a crowbar and/or shovel to lever it out.
  2. If transporting from one site to another, wrap the roots in a hessian bag & give it a generous amount of water. Wrap all the fronds together with tape. 
  3. Soak the new hole making sure the soil is really moist prior to replanting. Keep the tree at the same height that it was at previously & cover in.
  4. Stake the tree with 3 stakes & tape for extra support
  5. Water the tree in










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