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Fancy Dress: Dressing up your Indoor Plants


There are many different ways to dress up your indoor plants, from nice decorative planters to simply applying a nice layer of top dressing.

Benefits of Top Dressing

Applying top dressing is probably the easiest & most cost effective way of dressing up your indoor plants.

As well as the aesthetic benefit top dressing also helps the plant to retain moisture therefore reducing the amount of water needed for the plant. There are many mulching options available all with their own benefits, from organic materials such as fibre, bark & pine needles to inorganic materials such as pebbles, gravel, stones & recycled rubber mulch.

Planters: How to choose your planter

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right planter for your indoor plants. You can go with the classic look of plastic or cotta to the more modern look of fibreglass & stainless steel.

Choosing what type of planter suits you generally comes down to the existing design of your home or office, your personal opinion & of course price & budget. The classic cotta & plastic planters are generally more economical, fibreglass would come within the middle range & the most expensive type on offer would be the stainless steel varieties.

The size of the planter is also definitely something to consider. Before choosing your planter it is important to ask yourself a few questions, where is it going & will it be suitable for the area size wise? How big is the plant that is going in it? You don’t want to overshadow your plant with an enormous container. The size has to be right for the type of plant.

Remember there are many benefits to having indoor plants, from their aesthetic benefits to the clean air they provide. Go from shabby to chic in 5 minutes & dress up your indoor plants!








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