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Garden Pest & Disease Prevention & Control


In order to have a great garden you need to ensure your plants are kept healthy by preventing and/or treating diseases & pests. No garden is completely resistant to invading pests & disease however there is a lot that can be done to reduce the chances of your garden becoming a victim.

Common Garden Pests

Aphids: Aphids are small insects that are found on a wide range of garden plants. They suck the sap from the plants digesting it as a sweet residue called honeydew which attracts ants. They live in colonies & generally gather on young shoots & leaves. Various species range in colours, including white, green, black & brown. Control: Pyrethrum, alternatively home remedies include dish-washing detergent.

Mealy Bug: Mealy bug favours shade and can be found on indoor plants, patio plants and garden plants in shady areas. They are soft, plum insects about this size of a match head. Like Aphids, Mealy Bug also sucks the sap from the plant attracting ants and causing stunted growth. Control: Pyrethrum, alternatively home remedies include dish-washing detergent.

Plant Diseases

Garden plant diseases can be fungal, bacterial or viral

Disease Prevention:

  • Adequate soil drainage & appropriate amount of sunlight
  • Avoid overcrowding
  • Purchase healthy plants & choose disease resistant species
  • Prune properly, always remove diseased areas
  • Inspect plants regularly & treat plants immediately
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