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Attract Birds With Your Garden


Australia is well known for offering some of the world’s most beautiful birds. Wouldn’t it provide a beautiful atmosphere having them visit your garden? It really is as easy as providing food, shelter & water, which can all be done with the right plant selections for your garden.

Australian natives such as Grevilleas, Banksia’s & Bottlebrush are all well known bird friendly plants. Choosing a range of sizes & varieties will also encourage a variety of birds.


Grevilleas are an excellent bird attracting Australian native. Many of the hybrid grevilleas have large showy, flowers that are rich in nectar attracting honeyeaters to the garden. Grevilleas are available in different sizes, if you would like to attract a variety of birds it is probably a good idea to use a few of the showy species along with some of the more dense plantings that are not as rich in nectar but will provide shelter.


Banksias produce lots of nectar and also have many flowers inside the shrub, helping to shelter birds while they feed. They are a great source for food through winter when other food sources are scarce. Banksia Integrifolia is an excellent choice growing up to 15 metres

Callistemon (Bottlebrush)

Callistemon also commonly known as bottlebrush are a fantastic bird attracting native. They provide shelter, insects & nesting material.  Suitable species include: Callistemon citrinus

Always remember to find out about your area as some species may not be suitable to your area



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